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Electrosex Urethral Sound



Electrosex Urethral Sound

The Electrosex Urethral Sound by Zeus is not for beginners. Many men have discovered an incredible wealth of pleasure in urethral insertions.

The electrical urethral sounds takes sound or dilator use one step further.

Split into two poles, it runs a current from one end to the other through the penis of the user for an incredible experience.

At 6mm (5/16inch) dia. & 17.5cm (7inches) long it is not a toy for beginners.

For advanced users it is said to create unparalleled orgasms.

It is bipolar toy, so it is ready to use without any other accessories.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 28 June, 2012.
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electric sex toys

We are often asked what to

buy. We stock a wide range

of control boxes, an even

ider range of electrodes and

when it comes to adaptors,

cables and all the ancillary

items it becomes seriously

















Now we don't know everything,

but E-Stim does have some

experience they have been

manufacturing and marketing

their own range of equipment

both online and at various events

around the UK for the past 4


What is it?

E-Stim or electro stimulation,

(sometimes also referred to

as 'estim', or 'electrosex'), is

basically the use of electricity

applied to the human body

in such a way to produce a

pleasurable (normally)

sensation. The levels of

stimulation and the methods

of generation all combine

to produce a unique

experience far surpassed

by anything produced by

any funny coloured vibrator,

especially ones named after

cute furry animals.

The equipment available

on the market today is either

TENS based units (the

medical use of E-Stim for

pain relief) or made for

play dedicated units. TENS

units are designed to

reduce pain and sensation

and will always be inferior

to 'made for play' E-Stim

units. We produce a range

of safe versatile made for

play equipment, that far

surpasses its competitors

both in functionality and

price, and all of our staff

actively play with our

equipment, both in research

and development terms

and in their personal lives.

So when we offer advice

its from personal knowledge

and experience. We try to

offer guidance as everyone's

E-Stim experience is going

to be difference.

E-Stim equipment is basically

two items. The control box,

and an electrode. Everything

else is considered to be

ancillary, but important

nevertheless. (Batteries,

cables, conductive gel etc.)

I could suggest you buy

everything at once, but a

more realistic approach is

to purchase a control box

and an electrode and enjoy

the learning experience.

Then gradually, as your

experience and knowledge

increases you buy more.

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